NYC Open Legislation Law Language for Discussion

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NYC Open Legislation Law Language for Discussion

Draft Legislative Language borrowing heavily from the New York City Open Data Law, Local Law 11 of 2012

  • City Council legislation as well as any and all information associated with it in the public record shall be made available to the general public in real time or as close to real time as possible, not to exceed 24 hours, both on its website, New York City's open data portal, and through an open application programming interface (API) that will provide the general public with bulk downloads as well as specifications for routines, data structures, object classes, variables, remote calls and such other information as would be necessary to access all information externally through an open standard such as a technical standard developed and maintained by a voluntary consensus body that is available to the public without registration requirement, license requirement, royalty, fee or any other restrictions on their use.
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    David Moore

    bulk downloads

    Background, my testimony to NYC Council Rules Reform Cmte. in support of CM Kallos' initiative, May 7 2014:

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