Democracy is all about participation and conversation.

Madison is a free, open source tool for public officials and the people to solve problems together.

We, the people have a right to be heard and truly listened to by our government.

Public officials have a responsibility to engage with constituents, openly and accountably.

Madison is governing, together.

How it Works

  1. Elected officials share policy documents on Madison for public collaboration.
  2. The people can read the documents, vote on the documents, and leave feedback on the documents, and their comments are sent directly to the officials.
  3. Officials respond to these comments and even make changes to the documents based on the feedback.

It's like a town hall meeting on your phone, tablet, or laptop!

See Madison In Action

Madison is being used right now, all over the world.

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The People

You deserve a voice in all government decisions that affect your life. Madison gives you that voice.

Right now, everyone is frustrated that it’s so hard to get a seat at the table. It’s virtually impossible to be heard and the people sitting at the table are the wealthy and the well connected. It doesn’t have to be that way. Madison gives you a seat at the table.

With Madison, you can:

  • Easily understand what your government is doing and hold it accountable from any mobile phone or computer.
  • Participate in the debate in real time, making an impact with every question, comment or suggested change.
  • Propose your ideas, engage with elected officials and other citizens to help the best ideas rise to the top.

Madison brings the law-making process straight to you, and gives you a say in your government’s decisions.

"Time is a really big issue. If I could quickly take my own time to review the law or whatever the plan is at home and then make my comment, that would be a lot easier than going downtown to City Hall, making sure I attend the whole meeting, and then speak there."

— Liana Derus, student at San Francisco State University

"Madison is another step forward in the County’s pursuit of greater transparency, accountability, and effectiveness. Madison makes it easier for residents to interact directly with policymakers and other stakeholders on issues they care about."

— Council Member Hans Riemer, Montgomery County, Maryland

Join the hundreds of thousands of people using Madison to have critical civic conversations.

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Public Officials

As a public servant, you’re working for your constituents and community in a difficult environment and incredibly challenging times.

In our time of shrinking budgets and increasing complexity, don’t you deserve the best and most cost-effective tools possible to get your critical job done?

Madison is custom-built to help public officials like you serve better while spending less. With Madison, you can:

  • Demonstrate your good government leadership and that you are truly listening.
  • Get more attention and feedback on your policy ideas with fewer hassles or hearings.
  • Easily engage with more constituents and experts to build the best possible policy outcomes for your community and your country.

The Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act) became Public Law No. 113-101 and was the first law created collaboratively in public, all thanks to Madison.

"Madison is an exciting platform because it promotes and encourages transparency in the legislative process. This tool will spur community engagement and prompt robust dialogue around the issues that matter most to District residents."

— DC Councilmember David Grosso

You can start using Madison in your office or organization today!

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The future of policymaking is built on community collaboration. Help us build this open source tool and join a community of developers committed to bring democracy into the 21st century. It's free for everyone to use!

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Madison is a free and open source tool developed by The OpenGov Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We need your support to bring Madison to more communities! Your tax-deductable donation helps us to grow the open government movement.

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