FreeLawFounders Challenge

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FreeLawFounders Challenge

These are rough notes reflecting the FreeLawFounders challenge posed at the MIT event of July, 2014. The challenge invites a year of development and iteration of innovative software and open architectures reflecting and enabling a common approach to implementing the FreeLawFounders goals and objectives.

For more background, please see:

  • and

These rough notes are being actively iterated and refined during this initial creative design and feedback phase. Please join us and share your ideas now.

Hackathon Timeline

April 4, 2014, “From Bleak House to Geek House,” Brooklyn Law School, Brooklyn, NY

  • June 12 - June 14, 2014, “MIT Legal Hackathon,” MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA
  • August 7, 2014, “ABA Legal Hackathon,” Suffolk Law School, Boston, MA
  • November 2014, Legal Hackathon, Brooklyn Law School, Brooklyn, NY
  • February 2015, Legal Hackathon
  • April 2015, Legal Hackathon
  • June 2015, Personal Democracy Forum, New York, NY

To see a spreadsheet with more information, please refer to the following link: file://localhost/Users/admin/Dropbox/Screenshots/Screenshot%202014-08-05%2013.27.48.png

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