City of Glendale AZ, Amendments to The Ordinances Relating to Fire Code and Fire Sprinklers

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The following is a draft of proposed amendments to city ordinances to reflect the adoption of the 2018 International Fire Code and City of Glendale Sprinkler System Ordinance. We are seeking public feedback and comment on the proposed changes through February 9, 2018.

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City of Glendale AZ, Amendments to The Ordinances Relating to Fire Code and Fire Sprinklers

Sec. 16-52. - General sprinkler system requirements.

In addition to the requirements of this Code, an approved automatic sprinkler system shall be required as follows:

(a) Throughout the entire building of all newly constructed commercial and residential structures. Exception:

  1. Where specifically omitted or otherwise not required in accordance with this Code.
  2. In one- and two-family dwellings regulated by the International Residential Code.

(b) Applicants for annexation shall complete the investigation and evaluation process per 2018 IEBC. Where the resulting score indicates the property does not comply with any or all mandatory fire safety [MFS], mandatory means of egress [MME], and mandatory general safety [MGS], an approved AFES shall be required.

Reason: This amendment requires the installation of automatic fire sprinkler systems in all newly constructed buildings in Glendale except for single-family homes (as prohibited by state law). It also defines the evaluation process for structures that are annexed into the city.

Sec. 16-53. - Permissible sprinkler omissions.

(a) Sprinkler systems shall be designed on the basis of complete coverage with no unprotected areas. However, sprinkler coverage may be omitted from certain areas where the application of water may constitute a serious life or fire hazard. Additionally, sprinkler coverage may be permitted to be omitted as provided for in NFPA 13, 13R and 13D with the approval of the Fire Code Official.

(b) Unless the use of the facility otherwise requires; automatic fire sprinklers shall not be required in the following areas: − Detached non-combustible Group U occupancies that do not exceed 5,000 square feet (465 m2). − Detached non-combustible canopies that do not exceed 5,000 square feet (465 m2) and used exclusively for shade purposes. − Exterior roofs, overhangs or canopies of type I, II or III construction with no combustible storage beneath or those designed solely as pedestrian shade. − Detached special use buildings or structures, without an occupancy classification that do not exceed 1500 square feet, and when approved by the Fire Code Official. Note: For the purpose of this section, "detached" is defined as "a separate single-story building or structure, without a basement or crawl space and located an approved distance from other structures." (c) In addition to any automatic sprinkler system required by this Code, other approved automatic fire protection systems may be installed to protect special hazards. These additional systems shall not substitute for the required automatic sprinkler system without approval of the Fire Code Official.

Reason: This amendment provides additional exceptions to the fire sprinkler requirements.

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