A Proposed Congressional Joint Resolution for Peace and Prosperity

Shared for feedback by Carmine Gorga, PhD

This proposal to the US Congress opens the road to Peace and Prosperity. Is anything else more needed in this world? One proposal has been endorsed by the renowned MIT Professor Noam Chomsky; the other by the Fed. Keep in mind that the Fed has strenuously kept the world of politics away from its operations; this is a proposal that the Fed, quite properly, wants to come from "state and federal representatives."

Do study these proposals. Participate in the discussion. They are fundamental; they go to the root of things.

They are not going to be approved by Congress if few people endorse them. The US Congress is going to pass these resolutions, and thus set the world on the path to fundamental change, if they do in fact express the collective mind of We the People.

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A Proposed Congressional Joint Resolution for Peace and Prosperity

Carmine Gorga, PhD, is president of The Somist Institute and a former Fulbright Scholar. Recent publications include “From Linear Thinking to Complementary Thinking and Relational Thinking” and “The Abuse of Words” in the September and November issues of Mother Pelican: A Journal of Solidarity and Sustainability. By inserting Hoarding into Keynes’ model of the economic system and using age-old principles of logic and epistemology, in a book and a series of papers Dr. Gorga has transformed the linear world of economic theory into a relational discipline in which everything is related to everything else—internally as well as externally. He was assisted in this endeavor by many people, notably for 27 years by Professor Franco Modigliani, a Nobel laureate in economics at MIT. The resulting work, The Economic Process: An Instantaneous Non-Newtonian Picture, was published in 2002 by the University Press of America and has been reissued in a third edition by The Somist Institute in 2016. For reviews, click here. During the last few years, Dr. Gorga has concentrated his attention on the requirements for the unification of economic theory, policy, and practice calling this unity Concordian economics. He is also integrating this work into political science, which he calls Somism, and culture in general, which he calls Relationalism. For some evaluations of his work, please click here.


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