A Proposed Congressional Joint Resolution for Peace and Prosperity

Shared for feedback by Carmine Gorga, PhD

This proposal to the US Congress opens the road to Peace and Prosperity. Is anything else more needed in this world? One proposal has been endorsed by the renowned MIT Professor Noam Chomsky; the other by the Fed. Keep in mind that the Fed has strenuously kept the world of politics away from its operations; this is a proposal that the Fed, quite properly, wants to come from "state and federal representatives."

Do study these proposals. Participate in the discussion. They are fundamental; they go to the root of things.

They are not going to be approved by Congress if few people endorse them. The US Congress is going to pass these resolutions, and thus set the world on the path to fundamental change, if they do in fact express the collective mind of We the People.

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A Proposed Congressional Joint Resolution for Peace and Prosperity



Steps Toward Peace and Prosperity

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That

Whereas, People work in high spirits, if they know that their work for peace leads to prosperity and that their work for prosperity leads to peace;

Whereas, The two efforts are directly related to each other, but the tools to achieve each goal are different;

Therefore, We are determined to take the following steps to achieve Peace and to achieve Prosperity:

(Sec. 1) Steps Toward Peace

We call upon the President of the United States to implement these steps:

  • The United States Congress reaffirms its Doctrine of No First Strike;

  • The United States Congress requests that the Government of North Korea stop developing new armaments and new ballistic missiles—and proposes that it be admitted to the commonwealth of nations. This is a call for a Pact of Mutual Non-Aggression;

  • The United States Congress will encourage the formation of a stream of volunteers, duly approved by the Government of North Korea, to be self-financed guests of North Korea, to function as explicit guarantors of this Pact of Mutual Non-Aggression.

(Sec. 2) Steps Toward Prosperity

We call upon the Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (hereinafter, the Fed) to implement these steps:

  • That the Fed issue loans ONLY for the creation of real wealth;

  • That the Fed issue loans at cost;

  • That the Fed issue loans only to individual entrepreneurs, to corporations with an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and /or Consumer Stock Ownership Plan (CSOP) in their constitutions, as well as to public authorities wielding taxing powers.

The United States Congress fully realizes that our nation will succeed in achieving Peace and Prosperity if other nations achieve Peace and Prosperity as well, therefore we call upon other nations to adapt these steps to their needs at the earliest possible moment.


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